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*Points & Rewards are progressively launching across the country. If your local store isn't set up yet, hang in there, it will be very soon.

How it Works:

Sign Up and Get a Free Beverage With Your Next Purchase

Sign Up and Get a Free Beverage With Your Next Purchase

We'll also add 20 bonus points to your account. Excludes gift cards, taxes and fees.

Complete Your Profile and Get a Free Bowl of Soup

Complete your profile and get a free bowl of soup!

FREE bowl of soup with the purchase of one of equal or greater value reward will be added to your account.

Order Zoup! and You'll Get Points

That's It! Just Order Zoup! and You'll Get Points.

Be sure you are logged in for online/in-app orders and enter your phone number at checkout for in-store orders. $1 = 1 point. Every time you hit 75 points, you'll earn $5 off your next order.

Insiderz Rewards FAQ

Don't see your question? Contact us with your question.

How Can I see My Points & Rewards Balance?

Your reward points balance can be seen by entering your phone number on the tablet in store or by clicking here to login to the portal.

Can I see which rewards have been earned or redeemed?

Yes. Click here to login, and select "Balance".

Can I use multiple rewards on the same visit?

No. You can only redeem one reward per transaction.

Why do I only see one reward available in-store?

Rewards are prioritized to give you the most valuable reward first.

Who has access to my account information?

Zoup! and Spendgo have access to customer data. We value our guests' privacy and will never rent or sell your information.

I forgot to enter my phone number at checkout. Can I still get points?

Yes. Click here to log into the online portal, click the "+ Add Points" button, and enter the code found at the bottom of your receipt.