Award-Winning Soup, Salad and Sandwiches TM
Award-Winning Soup, Salad and Sandwiches Twelve, always-rotating daily soups, hundreds of proprietary recipes.

The Concept

At Zoup!, we offer hundreds of award-winning soups with 12 always-rotating daily varieties, including soups that are low-fat, vegetarian, dairy-free, spicy and made with gluten-free ingredients - each served with a hunk of freshly baked bread. Our menu also features a distinctive array of made-to-order salads and sandwiches. Customer top picks include Chicken Potpie, Lobster Bisque and Vegetarian Split Pea, but you can find your own favorite by sampling our soups before you order. In fact, we encourage it!

Our Story

Zoup! started with two simple discoveries our founders made while building their first company, which made soup and spice mixes for restaurants. That original business gave the partners kitchen-door access to top chefs and managers at hundreds of restaurants.  And, it gave them the chance to confirm what they suspected all along.  First, that really good soup is hard to find. And, second, that soup has powerful intangible qualities that elicit feelings of comfort, warmth and well-being for many people.

  • 1997
    Inspired by their discoveries and passion for soup, the founders sold their original business, teamed up with a top chef and spent almost two years creating and evaluating recipes. After a painstaking trial-and-error process and hundreds of group tastings, they were ready to introduce their proprietary soups.
  • 1998
    The founders opened their first restaurant in Southfield, Michigan (a Detroit suburb) and confirmed what they suspected all along -- that there was a strong demand for the kind of fresh and authentic soup that people love, but seldom have time to prepare.
  • 1999-
    The company continued to fine-tune their soup recipes and added GreenZ! and SandwichZ! to the menu. We also opened five more Detroit-area locations.
  • 2003-
    We opened our first franchise location in Ann Arbor, Michigan. We also began building a team and cultural foundation for a growing franchise system.
  • 2007-
    Richard Simtob, respected franchise executive and entrepreneur, joined Zoup! to assist in fostering the company’s continued franchise growth. Through the hard work of our many committed franchise partners and team members, we continued to open locations, including nine in Ontario, Canada.
    Today, fans can enjoy Zoup!'s soup, salads and sandwiches at over 88 locations across the northern half of the United States and in Ontario, Canada.

Awards and Press

Our unique menu and "Everything Matters" philosophy has earned us loyalty from fans and recognition by media and industry leaders.   Zoup! consistently receives accolades from local and national organizations, including Bloomberg Businessweek, Fast Casual Magazine, FOX Business, INC magazine, HOUR Detroit Magazine and Nation's Restaurant News.

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